DealsPlus enables private equity teams execute better

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Anonymous

Like most endeavors in life, execution is key to investment success. Private equity is a complex business requiring cross functional teams to work and execute together. At DealsPlus, our objective is to enable private equity teams execute better, all the way from a deals closing to exit.

Coming together is a beginning

Our platform helps your deals come together in a manner that creates long term value. Relying on static documents – pdf, excel etc – to close deals erodes long term value. Valuable know-how on past deals is lost or not easily accessible to your decision makers. Audits and on-boarding of new deals become onerous. Too much time is lost in the mundane than the value add.

DealsPlus standardises and automates deal closing processes and deliverables. Our platform brings the various component parts required at closing – acquisition structures, sources & uses, cap tables, underlying documents, steps to completion and closing wires – together in an intuitive and easily accessible manner. This helps ease on-boarding of new acquisitions, simplifies future audits, and creates a valuable knowledge base on past deals for decisions makers across your functional teams.

Keeping together is progress

With DealsPlus, you don’t have to worry about fragmented or unconnected data. Post-close, our platform creates a single-source of truth across your portfolio structures. We help private equity teams, their service providers, and advisors easily access, monitor and manage portfolio structures. We do this by being more than just a data repository. Our platform not only keeps but connects corporate structures, cap tables, underlying documents and compliance obligations in one place. Changes to any flow through to the rest. For example, change something in the corporate structure of a portfolio and the compliance tracker will flag necessary filings as a result.

All this helps keep your portfolios ‘transaction ready’, by strengthening your systems and processes, risk management and compliance. With DealsPlus, you shouldn’t have to go through a painful exit process with weeks of collating and curating information and loading it in a vendor data room – the platform offers you a ready-made data room at exit.

Working together is success

Private equity teams that work together execute better. Our platform enables your cross functional teams – operations, finance, legal, tax, investments – work together better. We save time from the mundane and empower your decision makers with the right information at the right time. Ultimately, it is your success that counts.

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