When value proposition meets reality and comes out winning – a DealsPlus case study

Updated: May 24, 2021

“It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.” - Richard Feynman

It feels great when your product’s value proposition encounters the messiness of real life and comes out winning. A recent on-boarding could not have gone better in demonstrating DealsPlus’ value proposition.

We successfully on-boarded a private equity portfolio spread across multiple jurisdictions, with a complex org chart and cap structure, and a plethora of compliance obligations across many countries and work streams (accounting, tax, regulatory). Our client had chosen this portfolio as the first one to on-board on the basis that if our platform can accommodate this portfolio, it should be able to cater to any.

When we started the project, our value proposition to our client was that DealsPlus will:

  • create a ‘single source of truth’ on this portfolio that is easily accessible across their teams (we love our dynamic structure chart that makes information access intuitive and visually appealing);

  • strengthen and improve compliance and data integrity with less time and effort compared to the current way; and,

  • help keep the portfolio transaction ready – i.e., reduce time to prepare for transactions and mitigate diligence finding at exit.

We were able to deliver on each one of the above and more. The act of on-boarding the portfolio onto DealsPlus in itself has been of tremendous value. As part of the on-boarding exercise, we identified a number of exposures and gaps in info and worked with our client in rectifying these. This alone equates to >50x return on the investment for this client.

We have no doubt that our client will gain tremendous value from DealsPlus and we feel proud to be contributing to their success.

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