Helping private fund managers be transaction ready.

Deals - Plus


Standardises and automates deal closing

Tracks and monitors
your portfolios

Simplifies exit processes

Standardise and automate the production of closing deliverables

  • Acquisition structure diagrams;
  • Deal sources & uses;
  • Legal entity cap tables;
  • Legal steps & funds flow; and,
  • Closing wires.

Create a single source of truth across your investment structures

  • Digitise legal entities and structure charts;
  • Full capital table management suite;
  • Automate compliance and controls;
  • Role-based access; and,
  • Deal-ready data room


Standardise and
automate deal closings

Dealsplus standarises and automates closing deliverables, both at initial deal completion and for interim funding events.

Legal entity

Track and maintain the legal entities in your fund structures. Cap tables, compliance obligations and all key data points are captured.

Keep your Portfolios transaction ready

Dealsplus' in-built data room significantly reduces
the time and cost in preparing for transactions. All documents are automatically filed and linked to
events throughout the hold period.

Integration & Scale

We can help integrate DealsPlus with other
applications in your ecosystem, helping you
maximise value from your IT investments.

Platform Security

DealsPlus offers both security and scalability
with its cloud architecture.

DealsPlus is user friendly, secure and scalable.