DealsPlus helps private equity, real estate and infrastructure fund managers digitise investment structures. 

  • Create a single source of truth on your investment structures

  • Simplify cap table management 

  • Automate compliance and controls

  • Keep your portfolios transaction ready


Why DealsPlus?

Strengthen your M&A processes


Automate compliance and controls 

Strengthen your compliance and controls; manage risks better; and, preserve value at exit. 

DealsPlus provides you with full visibility and control over both ongoing and event based compliance obligations across all areas (tax, finance, regulatory). 

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Keep your portfolios transaction ready

DealsPlus' in-built document management system is designed to convert to a data room, enabling you to significantly reduce the time and cost in preparing for transactions.


Single source of truth across your investment structures

Eliminate duplication and enable your decision makers with the right information at the right time.

DealsPlus tracks your investment structures, compliance obligations, cap tables, and portfolio documents in one platform in a user friendly format. 


Standardise and automate deal closings

Simplify onboarding of new deals, and create a long term store of value.  

DealsPlus standardises and automates the deliverables required at closing: acquisition structure diagrams; deal sources and uses; cap tables; legal funds flow; and, closing wires.

Our Product

Standardises and automates deal closing

Tracks and monitors your portfolios

Simplifies exit processes



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Standardise and automate the production of closing deliverables:

  • Acquisition structure diagrams;

  • Deal sources & uses;

  • Legal entity cap tables;

  • Legal steps & funds flow; and,

  • Closing wires.


Compared to static documents (excel and pdf), DealsPlus Close offers you the ability to close and on-board your deals quickly and create a long term store of value.


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Create a single source of truth across your investment structures:

  • Maintain dynamic and interactive structure charts on all your investments;

  • Simplify cap table management;

  • Automate compliance and controls; 

  • Provide role based access to your service providers; and, 

  • Maintain a deal ready dataroom at all times. 

DealsPlus Track enables your decision makers with the right information at the right time; helps keep your portfolios ‘transaction ready’; and, reduces the time and cost of an exit process.


DealsPlus is user friendly, secure and scalable.



Deep domain and technology expertise

The founding team at DealsPlus has combined over 40 years of private equity and technology experience to tailor a solution for private equity, real estate and infrastructure fund managers. 

Our founder, Venkat Subramaniam, has over 15 years of experience advising private equity managers on cross-border transactions. He has seen first-hand the value leakage suffered by managers due to lack of standardisation and automation in their core processes. 

Our co-founder and Chief Technology Office, Padmalakshmi Shankar, has over 25 years of experience building and scaling high end enterprise technology solutions across multiple domains and for some of the largest enterprises in the world. 

We are passionate about helping private equity, real estate and infrastructure fund managers strengthen their M&A processes and maximise value from their portfolios. Get in touch today to explore how DealsPlus can help you and your teams.

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DealsPlus offers both security and scalability by combining modern on prem implementation with its cloud architecture. 


DealsPlus combines simplicity in design and use with enterprise grade capabilities to create a superior experience for you and your teams.

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We can help integrate DealsPlus with other applications in your ecosystem, helping you maximise value from your IT investments.


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