DealsPlus is more than just a software for private markets

Process and people, not just a software

The more we talk to private market funds and their portfolios, onboard, and implement DealsPlus, the more it becomes clear that DealsPlus is not just a software for private markets. 

For private market funds and their portfolios, DealsPlus is a way to:

  • Bring good processes where there are none; and, 
  • Empower their people with the right data at the right time.

Not surprising given our story

This wasn’t entirely surprising to us given the reason why DealsPlus started. The product team at DealsPlus have our background as advisors working in Big4 accounting firms helping private market funds and their portfolios implement and manage investment structures. As advisors, we have worked on over 300 private market transactions across buy and sell side – doing due diligence and structuring. Not one of them was plain sailing. From difficulties in managing deal closings, portfolio cap tables, and ensuring compliance obligations are up to date, to preparing a portfolio for exit – we have seen pain points across the board.

The DealsPlus solution

Private market investment structures are complex at both fund and portfolio levels. Managing them requires multiple functions to work together in a seamless way during the holding period – be it legal, tax, CoSec, or finance. And what each function does has a knock-on effect on the other. The only way to solve this is with a system tailored for private market investment structures. DealsPlus is this system. We bring order to chaos during deal closings, post-deal investment management, and portfolio exits.


DealsPlus’ six powerful modules – Legal Entity Management, Cap Table Suite, Compliance Tracker, Structure Charts, Data Room, and Funding Memos – combine to help private fund managers seamlessly manage their investment structures and keep them ‘transaction ready’. 

Take the next step in your process improvement journey

If you are a private market fund that is interested in standardising and automating:

  • deal closings and funding events; 
  • investment management during the holding period; and, 
  • portfolio exits (‘Transaction readiness’);

reach out to us for a free consultation.