The excel replacement private equity funds need for investment structure management

Empower fund finance, legal, tax, and portfolio functions with the right data

Private equity funds manage portfolio investment structures and cap table data in multiple excel files and static documents that are difficult to review, validate, and connect the dots. The current way of managing investment structure data does not provide the visibility and real-time alignment funds need across their fund finance, legal, tax, and portfolio functions. Spreadsheet solutions are not designed for the rapid collaboration and information sharing, resulting in key decision makers spending most of their valuable time trying to access the right data. 


DealsPlus provides private equity funds with real time data and workflows to manage portfolio investment structures. This is a game changer for fund finance, legal, tax, and portfolio functions when it comes to quarterly equity valuations, investment structure management, and transaction readiness. In this blog, we have summarised the key differences between DealsPlus and the existing way in which private equity investment structures are managed. 


Before DealsPlus

With DealsPlus

Single source of truth

Separate Excel files and a multitude of static documents for each portfolio (often with duplication).

One intuitive system to manage all portfolio structures. DealsPlus combines simplicity in design and use with enterprise grade capabilities to create a superior experience for finance, legal, tax, and portfolio functions.


Recording changes

No standardised way to log or track changes to the investment structure and cap table data during the holding period. It can be tedious to view the changes across multiple fragmented data sources, often with duplication and silos across the various functions.


Standardised and intelligent workflows to log and track changes to investment structures over time. DealsPlus’ powerful calculation engine uses a single source of data to update all relevant outputs and data points – e.g. cap tables, registers, structure charts, interest schedules, data room, and the legal entity records. Change history is logged together with underlying documentation to enable easy tracking and reporting.





Users can only see the latest status. Development to the structure over time is usually not captured, and connecting the dots across fragmented data sources can be tedious. Structure due diligence and audits can be time consuming and costly.


Users can quickly see, analyse, and interpret developments in the investment structure over time. Audit logs, threaded comments, document tagging, and notes make analysis and review easy.



Sensitive information is exchanged in email attachments via Excel files and static documents can at best have one password per file. Anyone with the password and a copy of the file will have access to all the information.


DealsPlus has role-based access controls and authentication to log into the system. Access can be revoked or added based on specific roles and permissions. There is no need to exchange sensitive investment structure data in emails and attachments. It is both quick and secure for all stakeholders to have access to the right information at the right time.


Transaction readiness


It currently takes 8-12 weeks to get an average private equity backed portfolio transaction ready. Due diligence processes can be tedious and costly. This is a direct result of fragmented data sources and manual process that are prone to error.  


DealsPlus has intelligent verification, validation, and sign-off workflows to keep investment structure data up-to-date. All functions and teams can collaborate and work together in one platform.

Data analysis, search, and reporting

Excel files and static documents held in a fragmented way have primitive search functionality. Data analysis and reporting is time consuming, error prone, and costly. Teams waste valuable time just trying to get hold of the right data.


DealsPlus connects the dots across all key areas of investment structure data in one place. All functions – fund finance, tax, legal, and portfolio – have access to investment structure data that they need in a timely and easy to use fashion.


Portfolio equity valuation

Equity valuation and modelling waterfall distribution for private equity backed portfolios rely on accurate cap table and investment structure data. Managing cap tables in excel and fragmented data sources makes quarterly portfolio valuations, fund reporting, and exit distribution calculations extremely time consuming and error prone.

DealsPlus embeds waterfall models with cap table data to seamlessly value portfolio equity. This makes portfolio valuations, fund reporting, and exit distribution calculations quick and easy.

DealsPlus offers one connected platform to seamlessly manage private equity investment structures and empowers all stakeholders.