Digitisation of private equity investment management processes

Benefits of digitising private equity investment management processes with a system of record

Private equity managers and their portfolios have to undertake many processes during a transaction’s lifecycle – acquisition, holding, and exit – that are repetitive in nature. Doing them well and at speed is important to a fund’s IRR. Digitisation brings several benefits to Private Equity Managers and their portfolios with respect to investment management processes.

Improved efficiency and productivity

By automating manual processes and streamlining workflows, your people can focus on the things that matter, be proactive instead of reactive and be more productive.

Enhanced data analysis and decision making

Without a system of record, it is very difficult to make sense of all the data on your investment structures that resides in inboxes and static documents. Risks accumulate and multiply as time passes. Digitisation not only connects all the data together but also helps with its analysis to glean quick insights.

Better collaboration and communication among teams

Cross-functional teams have to work together to deliver success across an investment’s life cycle – at acquisition, during the holding period, and on exit. A single source of truth platform that enables easy collaboration and prompts real-time actions by cross-functional teams (deal, finance, legal, tax, and external advisors) goes a long way in an investment’s success.

Preserve value

Digitisation leads to improved agility and competitiveness. For private equity, digitisation enables speed and accuracy during a transaction process and prevents value leakage during the holding period.

Cost savings

Digitisation brings cost savings through the optimization of operations and reduces the need for firefighting. Savings in time and cost improve a fund’s IRR.

At DealsPlus we offer a tech platform that powers repetitive investment management processes for private equity funds and their portfolios, with a view to keeping them transaction ready. If you would like to learn more, reach out to us at: http://dealsplus.io/request-demo.html