Private equity investment structures reimagined with DealsPlus

Private equity investment structures reimagined.

DealsPlus is a game changer for private equity investment structures, enabling GPs and their portfolios to stay transaction ready. 

Digitise any structure.

Private equity portfolio ownership structures can be complex – multi-layered, multi-jurisdictional, and with complex cap tables, co-investments, and management incentive plans. DealsPlus digitises and validates any private equity ownership structure, creating a single source of truth across a fund’s portfolios. 

Administer with ease.

DealsPlus’ role-based-access controls, intelligent workflows, and super-friendly user interface enables cross-team collaboration across GP, portfolio, and external advisor teams to administer structures with ease. DealsPlus provides a standardised way of capturing each investment structure event – be it cap tables, compliance, or legal entity event. DealsPlus’ calculation engine runs in the background to provide real-time data and insights.   

Gain valuable data, insights, and information. 

DealsPlus provides valuable data, insights, and automatic tracking that include, but are not limited to:

  • Real-time cap table and ownership data across a fund’s portfolios. 
    • Cap table data can be viewed for any date, grouped and analysed in multiple ways, and is useful for portfolio valuations and compliance. 
    • Our cap table module also captures and tracks meaningful information for deal, finance, legal and tax use cases. This includes automated interest calculations on strip equity instruments, beneficial versus legal ownerships, nominal values & share premium, loans to employee shareholders, unallocated pool, vesting, and transaction value for each cap table event. 
  • Portfolio valuation. 
    • DealsPlus syncs real-time cap table data with the portfolio waterfall model to value each instrument and shareholders’ stake in the portfolio for a projected equity/exit value. It is possible to value the cap table by any date – past, present, or future – based on the forecast equity value on that date. 
  • Compliance. 
    • DealsPlus tracks and manages compliance obligations across your investment structures via its digitised compliance calendar and automated notifications to responsible parties, keeping your portfolios diligence and exit ready. 
  • Connected data room. 
    • DealsPlus maintains a connected data room across your investment structures to enable speed and accuracy in a transaction event. 
  • Legal entity monitoring and automated structure charts.
    • DealsPlus allows easy monitoring of legal entity information across investment structures for legal, tax, and regulatory use cases. 
    • Our software maintains a dynamic and interactive group structure chart that is drawn from the latest legal entity and cap table data in DealsPlus. 

Review, validate, and stay transaction ready.  

Managing your structures in DealsPlus acts to digitise and validate them, providing a failsafe way of administering them with our intelligent workflows, automated tracking, collaboration across internal and external teams, and review / sign-off processes throughout an investment lifecycle.